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28 December 2009 @ 04:13 am
fanfic recs | Dean & Cas  
Told ya, I'll rec some Dean & Cas goodies. :D I know, I know, it took my long enough. :(

I made sure that these are just fanfics about Cas and Dean. And well, some other characters, but no one we really know. However, there are no Dean/Cas fics, because I'm not really into it. In general I don't like any male slash in this fandom. Don't know why. Maybe because some are so really kinky and porny? o.O Probably. Anyway, here are some fanfics I really enjoyed reading! :D Check them out!


»  Lost Saints by ariadnes_string 
   Genre: gen, hurt/comfort
   Words: ~1,600
   Characters: Dean, Cas
   Author's summary: Dean is sick, Castiel is worried, and slightly out of his element.
My notes: Our hot fluffy angel himself tries to take care of Dean and even though it probably won't ever happen it's
   well written and not a bit OOC. And there's even some cuddling! Kind of. Awww. Fangirl-service, much?

» Whar Are Friends For? by dark_austral 
   Genre: gen/friendship
   Word Count: 3,154
   Characters: Dean, Cas
   Spoilers: Tag to 5x09
   Author's summary: Dean and Cas have a little night time talk about the motel room incident.
   My notes: I'm almost hyperventilating because of all the Dean & Cas love! EEE. Well, not love, like love love, but the
   friendship kind of love. Sooo cute!
The second time Dean calls Cas his friend.

» Words And Wings by deangirl1
   Genre: angst, hurt/comfort
   Word Count: 3,095
   Characters: Dean, Cas
   Author's summary: What did Dean say in those two hours he waited for Cas? What happened after Sam
   walked out?
   My notes: Castiel is concerned about Dean. Seriously, what more does a fangirl want? :)

» Angels Leave Big Footprints by deangirl1
   Genre: gen
   Word Count: 1007
   Characters: Dean, Cas
   Author's summary: Coda to Heaven and Hell, set the night after the final scene.
   My notes: Omg, a fic that deals with the situation that Dean may say 'Yes' to Michael, because there is no other way!
   Woho! :D Dean's kinda lost in thoughts about a possible bright future but our fluffy angel is there to comfort him.

» What Angels Know by catoasapun 
   Genre: gen, angst
   Word Count: 2,599
   Characters: Dean, Cas
   Author's summary: "He knows that voice, that flat, unaffected tone. He hasn’t heard it in quite a while, but
   he’d know it anywhere; even drunk off his ass in a pitch-black motel room."
   My notes: Awww, Castiel is watching not-so-sober-Dean sleep. Really like Dean's comments in this one! And of course
   Castiel's 'watching-over-his-charge-thingy-thing'.

» Morituri Te Salutant by chiiyo86 
   Genre: gen, friendship, hurt/comfort
   Word Count: < 4,000
   Characters: future!Dean, future!Cas, OCs
   Author's summary: “If everybody contemplates the infinite instead of fixing the drains, many of us will die of
   cholera.” John Rich
   My notes: Yay! A fanfic, which deals about the tense situation in a future where Sam has said 'yes''' And we don''t only
   get a well characterized Dean, no we also get some worried!Cas.
I call that a 'fanfic with all the bells and whistles'' :D

# Next time I''ll post a hurt!Dean rec-list! *trims halo*
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latvela: future cas deanlatvela on January 6th, 2010 02:26 pm (UTC)
I don't think I've read any of these, which is a surprise since I read a whole lot of Dean/Cas :D Thank you for the recs!
blackbetrayal: Supernatural » D&C » together we'll makeblackbetrayal on January 14th, 2010 02:15 pm (UTC)
You are welcome! :)

Did you read some of them yet? If so, do you like them even though they are not Dean/Cas-like? :D